Mevgal announced a new investment program of 15 million euros for 2024-2025.

The company has recorded a 20% increase in turnover this year as well as a double-digit growth in sales volume.

The company’s investment philosophy, as its managing director, Konstantinos Papadopoulos Hatzakos, pointed out to “Naftemporiki”, is focused on the continuous improvement of quality, the modernization of its facilities, the automation of the production process and the improvement of its production capabilities.

Therefore, in continuation of two investment programs of the last years, which focused mainly on yogurt and white cheese, and totaled 20 million euros, the company’s next investment program, amounting to 15 million euros for the two years 2024-2025, focuses on milk bottling with a new production line, on logistics with an expansion of our warehouse and a new planning of stock management. It is also worth noting that Mevgal has one of the largest and most organized refrigerated networks in Greece, with temperature control and recording systems, which follow strict quality protocols.

“Our goal is to maintain and grow our shares in the Greek and international market based on the pillars of healthy entrepreneurship, sustainable development and the best nutrition proposal for all consumers through delicious and nutritious Greek products,” Hatzakos stressed.

This fiscal year (2023) is predicted to close with higher turnover and a double-digit growth in volume. After two very difficult years, as the CEO of the company explained, with continuous increases in the prices of raw materials and reduced milk supply, 2023 is a relatively mild year and gives the company the opportunity to balance and improve its profitability.

As far as exports are concerned, according to Hatzakos, it is estimated that “they will reach 38% of the total turnover, i.e. around 70 million euros in the current year.”

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